Svengradien - Death Knight

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Svengradien - Death Knight

Post  Svengradien on Sun Feb 22, 2009 12:50 pm

About you

Name: Mattias
Age: 18
Where are you from?: Sweden
How often are you available to raid each week?: Sunday-Thursday, sometimes on Friday and saturday but dont count on it ;P. 19-23 prefered.

About your character

Char. Name: Svengradien
Char. Class: Death Knight
Char. Level: 80
Armory Link (ensure you logout in your raid kit):
Professions (list & level of proficiency. Add any rare/epic recipes you may have): 450 Alchemy, 450 Herbalism
Talent build?: 51/13/7 (blood dps)
Willing to retalent for guild needs?: Yes sir!

Raid Progress:
Pre WotLK - Black Temple (before nerf!)
10man Naxx - not the whole lol
10man Sartharion - yes
10man Malygos - no Sad
25man Naxx - All bosses
25man Sartharion - yes
25man Malygos - no Sad

Previus Guild : Havn't been in that many serious guilds since it's hard finding as a death knight. Before wotlk I was in the guild VGG and we raided BT etc etc, played as a feral druid tank.
Why did you leave?: Stopped playing and started again when wotlk came out, also the real VGG went bai bai.

Do you know anybody currently in Incognitus that can vouch for you?: Eyroth! Very Happy
Why do you want to join & raid with Incognitus?: Eyroth's in it and we like playing together, also you seem like a really nice guild Wink I know you're an upcoming guild and that's what's nice, being one of the first members is always nice.

Anything else you wish to add to support your application?: I'm freaking awesome! xDDDD


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Re: Svengradien - Death Knight

Post  Lethal on Sun Feb 22, 2009 1:03 pm

Accepted mister troll Wink Whisper me in-game
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