hello Incognitus

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hello Incognitus

Post  merdie on Mon Mar 02, 2009 12:33 pm

my name is morten and i come from Denmark and i am 17 years old.

my character's name is
merdie and it's a paladin level 80
i can raid 2 to 3 days for sure
here is the link for armory:

i am 450 mining and 423 in enchanting havn't got any good recipes yet for enchanting..

my talent build is (0,10,61)
i am willing for retalenting but dont got the gear for it jet so ..

my raid progress:
10 man naxx cleared
25 man naxx half cleared(but know all the rest of the tacs)
10 sarharion cleared
25 sartharion cleared
never tryed malygos before

my previus guild was a fun guild and nothing serious, thats why i want to join a serious guild now

i want to join Incognitus because it is and new guild with a lot of progress, think it can become very good and it is a mature guild

i have played wow for 4 years , så i got a lot of exprience, and have done many instance in pre tbc on my druid so i have raid exprience

best regards


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Re: hello Incognitus

Post  Xirondor on Mon Mar 02, 2009 1:30 pm

ur gear seems good and so does ur xp and we dont got a decent ret pala yet, but lets see what Lethal says.

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