Ârthäs, DK tank/dps

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Ârthäs, DK tank/dps

Post  Ârthäs on Tue Mar 03, 2009 4:00 pm

About you: Im a 18 year old boy, from norway. Im studying at a high school, i play guitar and likes to go to the gym a couple of times in the week Wink And ofc i paly alot of WoW.

Name: Henrik.
Age: 18
Where are you from?: Norway
How often are you available to raid each week?: Im available to raid all days at the evening, exept wedensday.

About your character: 30k hp UB tank, been tanking alot in WOTLK. Dont got any proffs.

Char. Name: Ârthäs
Char. Class: Death Knight
Char. Level: 80
Armory Link (ensure you logout in your raid kit): http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Frostmane&n=%C3%82rth%C3%A4s
Professions (list & level of proficiency. Add any rare/epic recipes you may have): Well i dont got any profs on the DK, but i got a alt(hunter lvl 80) that have LW and skinning pretty high skill can craft many epics, and a another alt ( warrior 74 ) with HERB and ALC.
Talent build?: 0/32/39 dps specc. 12/52/7 2h tank specc.
Willing to retalent for guild needs?: Both specc available for the guilds need.

Raid Progress:
Pre WotLK - MC, onyxia, BWL, aq20, ZG+ all the TBC instances. (with hunter and warrior)
10man Naxx - downed
10man Sartharion -downed
10man Malygos -
25man Naxx -downed everything exept thadd, sapp and KT
25man Sartharion - downed
25man Malygos -

Previus Guild : Reborn
Why did you leave?: Not serious raiding.(slacking)

Do you know anybody currently in Incognitus that can vouch for you?: Dont think i know any ;p
Why do you want to join & raid with Incognitus?: I need a new raiding guild, that are serious in raiding and progressing. So i hope Incognitus is the right guild for me:)

Anything else you wish to add to support your application?:


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