Deeluca 80 Paladin

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Deeluca 80 Paladin

Post  Deeluca on Wed Mar 04, 2009 9:34 am

Name: Ray
Age: 18
Where are you from?: Norway
How often are you available to raid each week?: Anytime! =)

About your character

Char. Name: Deeluca
Char. Class: Paladin
Char. Level: 80
Armory Link (ensure you logout in your raid kit):
Professions (list & level of proficiency. Add any rare/epic recipes you may have): 440 JC / 450 Miner
Talent build?: 0/12/59
Willing to retalent for guild needs?: Sure..

Raid Progress:
Pre WotLK - From kara to MH
10man Naxx - Cleared
10man Sartharion - Cleared
10man Malygos - Still missing it :<
25man Naxx - 2 wings
25man Sartharion - Cleared
25man Malygos - Still missing it :<

Previus Guild : Bad Karma
Why did you leave?: Downing 2 bosses each day aint good, and i don't reall have time for that

Do you know anybody currently in Incognitus that can vouch for you?: No
Why do you want to join & raid with Incognitus?: Well, i have been really inactive with rading latley, and it's time for me to begin with it again =)

Anything else you wish to add to support your application?: Not really


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